The hospitality industry is laser-focused on cleaning procedures and with today’s newly heightened awareness of creating a virus-free environment, we can all benefit from what top hotels do to keep their pillows as clean as possible. Here is one easy method for what you can do at home to keep your pillows as clean and germ-free as possible!

In the hospitality market, it is not possible to launder each pillow after each guest's stay. Regardless of pillow type or fill, no pillow could withstand such laundering. Therefore, hotels take extra steps to make sure pillows are clean, protected and sanitary for each guest. 

Most hotels currently protect the pillow with two coverings. The first layer on every pillow is a pillow protector. A pillow protector is a zippered encasement made out of cotton or other material that is the primary barrier to germs, mites, dust, and stains that can reach your pillow. The second layer is the pillowcase which goes on top of the pillow protector. Both layers can be easily removed and washed. Most pillow protectors and are quite economical and can add years of life and cleanliness to your pillows, but you would be surprised how few people incorporate this essential bedding basic into their ensemble.

Historically, older pillow protectors do not provide protection from moisture such as spills, sweat, etc. and these can penetrate the fabric and enter the pillow which could lead to bacteria or mold growth or other contamination. In today’s environment, we are additionally concerned with preventing smaller particulates from making their way to our pilows. Here is where the addition of a pillow protector can really make a difference!

The good news is that preliminary research out of the CDC suggests that the COVID-19 "does not survive well" on fabric or “soft surfaces.” The wash process (at sufficiently high water temperatures) inherently sanitizes the pillowcase and protectors, thereby protecting the pillows beneath.

A pillow protector with virus blocking and antimicrobial properties also offers an ideal solution by helping to inhibit virus particles from penetrating the fabric of the pillow. And, of course, pillow protectors are able to withstand the regular rigors of laundering.

The Suite Hospitality Collection Basic Pillow Protector, manufactured for Cuddledown, not only extends the life of your pillows but adds an extra safeguarding layer of protection. Specially designed to fit gusseted pillows, our 100% cotton protectors have a zippered closure and are Oeko-Tex® certified to be free of harmful chemicals and safe for your entire family.

Luckliy we do not have to wash our pillows every day, but we do want to protect our health and the life of our pillows. Pillow protectors offer the perfect solution as they can be washed regularly and slip on and off with ease.

Pillow protectors are well worth the investment! 

Kristine Costa