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THE SUITE MINDSET is based in Scottsdale, AZ and is owned by Charles and Kristine Costa, the same owners of Sidelines, Inc. the national and international wholesale supplier of cutting-edge closet interior storage accessories. For over two decades, Sidelines, Inc. has supplied the most prominent custom closet companies in the world, including California Closet Company, The Closet Factory, Closet World, Closets by Design, Stow Companies and the list goes on. 
Traveling the wholesale world, we have had the opportunity to stay in some of the most luxurious hotels across the globe. Recognizing the desire of many travelers to recreate that environment in their own homes, and acknowledging the recent luxury vacation home rental boom, we have created THE SUITE MINDSET to allow the traveler and homeowner to take the "5-star hotel experience" home with them.  
Our Hotel Luxury Collections are designed for the home owner and vacation rental owner to purchase bedding, linens, and towels as well as other finishings which are manufactured for the five-star hotel industry. We only sell the highest quality products produced to International hotel standards. 
These curated Hotel Luxury Collections are now available to you! 
All products offered by THE SUITE MINDSET have been consumer tested globally and are carried by some of the finest high-end hotels throughout the world. They have been specifically chosen for their superiority in various capacities to fulfill the role they will play in your rental space and your life.


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