More than any other item on the bed, the pillow makes or breaks the guest's sleep experience. Because it is the closest to the sleeper's head, face, and neck, it is extremely important to the quality of sleep. The pillow is the guest room item most likely to be remembered and talked about even after the stay is over. In fact, we get many calls from guests asking if they can buy the pillow they enjoyed at their hotel.

Which pillow a guest likes is due in large part to personal preference. Factors such as firmness, fill material, and cover material don't necessarily indicate quality, but only what the individual user is comfortable with. Of course, there's no way for a hotel to know what position each guest sleeps in. So how can a hotel choose pillows that will satisfy all guests? Current solutions to this dilemma include putting two different firmness levels on the bed and perhaps a third option in the closet; or offering a pillow menu upon check-in.

Firmness refers to how much "give" a pillow has when you put weight on it. Too much or too little firmness can cause restless sleep, headaches, neck/upper back pain, and exacerbation of breathing problems. The critical deciding factor is the individual's sleeping position; a firmness that benefits a stomach sleeper may be uncomfortable for someone who sleeps on their back.

Here's a quick rundown of the appropriate firmness for each sleeping position:

  • Stomach sleepers — soft support allows the head to sink, preventing neck pain
  • Back sleepers — medium to medium soft support for the upper spine
  • Side sleepers — firm support and extra thickness keep the head and neck aligned
  • Multi-position sleepers — medium to medium-firm is suggested


The Suite Mindset carries a full range of firmness options, including:


  • Glamour Pillow: A premium pillow available in 3 firmnesses. The Glamour Pillow is an example of a down alternative that combines luxurious comfort for the guest with viability for hotel operations. Not only is it available in medium, firm, and extra firm support levels, but Its unique gusset is perfect for standing a pillow upright in making a luxurious bed. This pillow remarkably conforms to whatever comfort level you need.
Glamour Pillow Down Alternative

  • Sleep Blueprint New Generation Pillow: The Sleep Blueprint New Generation Pillow is a medium support down-alternative pillow and our most guest-requested style. The fill fiber's denier (thickness) is even finer than silk, making it incredibly soft. Yet it is just as strong as any other synthetic fill and performs incredibly well in commercial laundry. This non-allergenic microfiber was specifically engineered for hotel use.
New Generation Down Alternative Pillow



    • New Generation ZONE Feather Pillow: Epitomizes the latest revolution in pillow design. It has a core of small whole duck feathers surrounded with synthetic down-like fiber fill. Thus, guests can enjoy the softness of natural fill with the more stable support of synthetic fiber. Hotels can provide a natural offering with the New Generation Zone's superior durability.
    New Generation Zone Down Feather Pillow


    • Soft and Downey Goose Down Pillow: An all-natural pillow with a blend of white goose down and white goose feathers. Made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 233, the Soft and Downey pillow offers a soft and breathable surface. It features a unique blend of 85% goose down feathers and 15% goose down for a plush and downy feel.


    Soft and Downey Goose Down Pillow

    Whatever your pillow priority we are here to help you make the right decisions for your business.
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