Are you sick and tired of stuffing, fluffing, and buttoning to put your down or synthetic duvet into its cover? Or maybe you don't use one at all because of the hassle. Want to know a hotel secret to make this process super easy? Thought so!

First and foremost - BUY THE RIGHT DUVET COVER! Buying a duvet cover with open ends like the one pictured above will save you tons of time and frustration, making changeout a snap! Here's what you need to do:

  1. Lie your duvet across your bed and determine the orientation of your insert. You can either count the squares along the edge (a queen should be square and a king slightly longer across) or make it even simpler and just buy our inserts as the tag is always on the bottom.

  2. Place our Hospitality Duvet Cover on top of the insert with the large opening facing the bottom of the insert.

  3. Grasp the two top corners of the insert, and place inside the large duvet opening, while guiding them to the upper inside corners of the cover. Since ALL sides of our Hospitality Duvet covers have slotted openings it will now be easy to grab those corners from the outside and pull them right through.

  4. Simply slide the rest of the duvet over the insert until you can again grab the bottom left and right corners through the slotted openings and pull them through.

  5. Now grab those corners and give a good fluff.

  6. If an adjustment is needed, simply grab the corners and pull the duvet through to the ends. Voila.

PS. You can now imagine how easy it is to take them off!

Kristine Costa