Ever wonder why the best hotels use white linens?

You may think it is asking for trouble to use white linens in a high traffic area like a rental home, especially since they will show every spec of dirt. And while it may be tempting to decorate your rental home with all sorts of trending fashions or whatever is on sale locally, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your selections.

Guest Experience - The number one positive experience for a guest is cleanliness. It is vitally important to a guest to feel that they are staying in a spotless home, especially when it comes to where they will rest their head at night or what they will put close to their body. Nothing says clean and fresh to a guest as properly laundered white crisp linens. Since they do show every spec of dirt, it is very easy to see where they need that little extra shot of cleanser to keep them pristine.

Ease - It is easy to clean white linens. Typically if whites are washed with colors, white fades. Having all white linens means they all can be washed together. This means less time sorting, and no chance of fading.

Cleanliness - You can keep whites ultra-clean. Whites are easier to get hygienically clean than other colors. Whether you are washing linens yourself or sending them out to be professionally cleaned, there are all sorts of cleaning solutions that can get white linens sparkling clean and keep them that way.

Inventory - By purchasing one type of linens, towels, duvets and covers you make your life significantly easier in terms of keeping back up inventory. If one sheet is damaged, you have another, no matter which room is in need.

There is a reason why the best hotels in the world use white. Simple white linens will always give a clean, crisp, and fresh appearance and will always be in style.

Keep it simple, keep it smart.