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PAYA Organic Amenity Kit


PAYA is a spa-inspired personal care collection created with a green conscience. The collection's key ingredient - organic papaya - gives these products a warm, luscious appeal while nourishing the body with rich antioxidants & nutrients.

  • Kit includes 1 of each:

    • 1.0 oz Shampoo Tube
    • 1.0 oz Conditioner Tube
    • 1.0 oz Shower Gel Tube
    • 1.0 oz Lotion Tube
    • 1.0 oz Facial Bar


  • Key Features

    • Warm, luscious papaya nourishes the skin and hair with antioxidants and vitamins.
    • Bright fragrance draws upon the exotic, succulent scent of papaya and mangosteen, an aromatic super-fruit native to Asia.
    • Orange peel acts as a natural exfoliant in face & body and bath soaps.
    • No parabens, banned phthalates, or mineral oil.
    • No diethanolamine or formaldehyde.
    • Liquid formulations feature a refreshing blend of extracts including organic papaya, pink grapefruit, grape seed, tangerine, organic sweet orange, and organic lavender.
    • Tubes feature an easy-to-use dispensing cap
    • Squeezable Bottles made of PET plastic (the most recyclable resin available).
    • Multilingual labeling.
    • Cruelty-free – never tested on animals.
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